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Patti was born to radically ordinary parents in a small town just outside of our nation’s birthplace, Kenya.  No, Philadelphia silly.  At the age of 5, she lost her mother to cancer.  Her father and wicked stepmother forbade the watching of TV during the school week, so (if she wasn’t over at her friends’ houses watching their TVs), she resorted to other modes of entertainment. 

She became a big fan of the Bob and Ray Radio Show, and would perform the soundtracks from her parent's Broadway musical collection to a stuffed animal audience.  In High School, she stole the comedy album Tom Lerher’s “That Was the Year That Was” from her older brother’s record collection and thus began her love of musical comedy.  A disinterested student of average artistic and zero athletic talent, she survived the abject monotony of suburban life by surrounding herself with friends who could make her laugh until she cried.  

Patti’s other early comedic influences include Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Mary Tyler Moore, Phyllis Diller and Lily Tomlin.  Elayne Boosler performed at her prom.  She lived in Manhattan in the early 80's and worked at the infamous Roxy nightclub during its roller disco heyday.

In 1984, she met a geographer and they married and had many adventures together, living in the US Virgin Islands and all over the eastern US. Then, in 2009, he died after a five-year struggle with leukemia.  She purchased an old farmstead in NJ and poured her grief into its restoration. For eight years the property was host to visual artists, video, film and live music productions, an organic farmer and his family, chickens and entirely too many cats.


After a 30 year career as a professional do-gooder, in 2016 she decided to break bad and infiltrated the Central Florida stand up comedy scene and has been spotted performing, speaking, hosting and writing.

Being a big fan of the Earth and its continued ability to support human life, Patti attended Al Gore's Climate Reality Leadership training in Pittsburgh in 2017.  She travels around spreading the good news about climate change.

Although her biography is sprinkled with tragedy, using it for attention was a strategy that never really worked for her.  Making people laugh did.  Sh*t happens, that's why everybody medicates. She believes with all her heart that laughter is indeed the best medicine.


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