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10 Things that Just Don't Work for Me

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Really? Ewwww.....!


+ the above, so 11 things.

  1. Short men who think that all tall women are insatiable sex goddesses. It’s true, but annoying.

  2. People who don’t judge others, and don’t care if others judge them. i.e., Buddhists and nudists. I’m judging them both right now.

  3. Being single. I need the comfort that comes from intimacy, exclusivity and mutual emotional abuse.

  4. Family and friends who are staunch Facebook holdouts. “You mean I have to actually call you on your birthday?” Damn.

  5. People who are on the fence about heroin use. It is definitely a bad decision. It is.

  6. People who use Airbnb as a dating site. Bad form.

  7. Buns on white dudes, aka Manbuns. OK for ballerinas, librarians, hippy grammas and samurais only.

  8. Pity likes on Facebook. “Oh look, there’s manless, childless, jobless Patti trying so hard to have an interesting life. You go girl! 👍

  9. Men who think their after shave is covering up their body odor. It’s not.

  10. People who don’t accept that cats are meant to be worshiped. They are.

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