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Are there raccoons out there harboring feelings of insecurity because they didn’t get the proper nurturing from their parents?  Do eagles fail to soar due to an underdeveloped sense of self?  Do clown fish justify their alcoholic  behavior because a spouse abused them?  Nope.

No other species on the planet has the issues we have. Finding ourselves, finding balance, finding Nemo... self help is a $10 billion industry in this country. Counseling, tapes, books, seminars, retreats, life coaches, aversion therapy, firewalks, climbing walls... Ugh!  Can we be OK already?

Bottom line: We go through life. Cool stuff happens. Crappy stuff happens.  We adjust to it one way or another. Then the cycle begins again. Join Patti for an exploration of some fun and positive ways to adapt to life’s transitions.

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