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created by Patti Hope

Inspired by her 2020 TEDx Eustis talk "Finding Home in the Sharing Economy"

A New Sitcom

A young widow rebuilds her life by moving to the small, artsy tourist town of Mount Dora, Florida and starts an Airbnb-like guest house.

Theme Song: The Change

Written and performed by Kyf Brewer
Courtesy of Brewerds&music/ASCAP

OVERVIEW:  Hope Richards (NOT played by Patti Hope) becomes widowed in her mid 40s.  Her favorite Aunt, Kat (played by Patti Hope) needs someone to look after her badly-neglected, funky Florida home, and convinces Hope to move there, fix it up as a guest house and list it on an Airbnb-like website called iStay. 

Hope’s late husband, Professor ‘Dutch’ Richards, was a cultural anthropologist. In each episode, the theme and character stories revolve around the multiple meanings of anthropological concepts, i.e., The Discovery of Fire, Seasonal Migration, Use of Tools, etc.  To introduce the concept, every episode includes a memory sequence scene of Hope remembering Professor Richards in the classroom.


 The show follows three storylines:  

  1. Hope’s new life as a guest house host, a single woman, and a director of a small food bank.  

  2. The neighbors, handyperson, and aunt.

  3. Celebrities and undiscovered talent cast as guests at the guest house, some in recurring roles. (think Love Boat, Fantasy Island)

All Rights Reserved © 2022  ~  Writers Guild of America Registration #2165443

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